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Food Truck Schedule - Estes Park

We love food, we just don’t make it here.  You are more than welcome to order from the rotating food truck onsite, bring in your own packed picnic, have food delivered, or bring in food from any of the Estes Park restaurants. Warrior Xpress (Veteran-Owned & Operated), Jimmy John's, and Domino's will deliver to The Barrel

2021 Fall/Winter Food Truck Schedule
Friday November 19thWesTex BBQ12pm - 7pm
Saturday November 20thLa Cocina de Mamá12pm - 7pm
Sunday November 21stEstes Park Bross Food Truck12pm - 7pm

Thursday November 25thRosa's Tacos12pm - 8pm
Friday November 26thWesTex BBQ12pm - 7pm
Saturday November 27thLa Cocina de Mamá12pm - 7pm
Sunday November 28thEstes Park Bross Food Truck12pm - 7pm

Thursday December 2nd,
Friday December 3rd,
Saturday December 4thWesTex BBQ12pm - 7pm
Sunday December

Thursday December 9thRosa's Tacos12pm - 7pm
Friday December
Saturday December 11thWesTex BBQ12pm - 7pm
Sunday December

Stay tuned for more; We are booking more trucks and dates all of the time.

Great thing come from The Barrel, Boulder and Estes Park Colorado
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